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Friday, July 15, 2022

Smiles, Sea Lions, and Dancing… Oh My!

What’s up, everyone! Maria here with another update on what Smiley has been up to this past weekend!

Smiley was super excited to be part of the grand opening of Latrobe Eat’n Park’s brand-new Pickup Window! He had the opportunity to serve their very first customer, retired Eat’n Park CEO Jim Broadhurst and his wife Suzy, and leaped for joy at the successful day. 

On Saturday, Smiley hung out at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium to pass along Smiles and Smiley Cookies to everyone there and hang out with all the animals. He had a blast seeing his favorite animal, Smiley the Sea Lion, and taking pictures with all the guests. 

And finally, on Sunday Smiley visited the Bethel Park Eat’nPark location on Library Road and had an absolute blast! He met Ed the baker, who has worked at Eat’n Park for over 25 years, and showed off some pretty cool moves to all the guests.  

Overall, Smiley would say that this weekend was a success and is already anticipating fun in the weeks to come! 


Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with These Tasty Treats

I scream, you scream! It’s National Ice Cream Day on July 18, and Eat’n Park has all the delicious milkshakes, sundaes, and floats for celebrating the coolest (literally) of holidays.  

Strawberry Sundae 

Premium hand-dipped vanilla ice cream, layers of freshly sliced strawberries in strawberry syrup, finished with whipped topping.  


Cookies and Cream Sundae

Vanilla ice cream, layers of hot fudge and chocolate sandwich cookie crumbles, topped with whipped topping and more cookie crumbles. 

Confetti Party Milkshake 

It’s a party in a glass! Flavors of birthday cake, sprinkles, and vanilla make every sip something to celebrate!  

Bananas Foster Milkshake 

Creamy vanilla ice cream blended with banana and our buttery Bananas Foster syrup and topped with whipped topping. 

Root Beer and Pepsi Floats 

Creamy vanilla ice cream floating in bubbly root beer or Pepsi.


Smiley Visits Peters Township & The Science Center

Hi friends, Abby here to catch you up on Smiley’s fun filled weekend!

We kicked off our fun at the Peters Township Community day! Smiley had so much fun seeing all his friends smiling and having a good time cookie decorating with the crew. He loved seeing all the booths and sharing smiles with the volunteers, vendors, and the crowd! 

Our next stop was at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh. Smiley and the gang had cookie decorating available to everyone in the museum that day! We were right next to the GUITAR “The instrument that rocked the world” exhibit that Eat n’ Park sponsored. Smiley had a blast running around all the exhibits. He even got to see his face on the side of a train in the railroad room! 

After our fun weekend out and about we got to give back to our amazing staff with our company Kennywood Day! Team members from all over traveled with their families to join in on all the festivities. We had games, face painting, and of course cookie decorating! Smiley had a blast dancing and taking pictures with everyone. Smiley and his team wanted to thank everyone for their hard work and we were very happy to see you enjoying your day off with us! 

That’s all for now and we can’t wait to see you all summer at our other events! Make sure to check out Find Smiley to see where we're going so we can make you smile too!


Wednesday, July 6, 2022

All the Ways to Enjoy World Chocolate Day at Eat'n Park

If you’re like us, you crave all things chocolate on a regular basis. Well, guess what! We chocolate lovers get a reason to celebrate our sweet obsession on July 7—it’s World Chocolate Day! Which Eat’n Park chocolate menu item are you looking forward to spending the holiday with? 

Hot Fudge or Chocolate Sundae 

Chocolate lovers can’t go wrong with this sundae! Two scoops of vanilla ice cream are covered with your choice of fudge or chocolate, all finished with whipped topping. 

Cookie Fudge Fantasy 

Chocolate + cookies = a dream come true! This dessert comes with layers of crumbled chocolate chunk cookie, hot fudge, and premium vanilla ice cream, all topped with whipped topping and another chocolate chunk cookie! 

Brownie Fudge Fantasy 

We take a rich and chewy chocolate chip brownie and serve it in a mug with two scoops of our premium hand-dipped vanilla ice cream. Oh, and there’s more! We cover it with hot fudge and creamy whipped topping. (Gluten-free chocolate fans—this is a gluten-friendly dessert!)

Chocolate Creme Pie 

This is one pie you’ll like a choco-lot! We fill a delicious pie crust with smooth chocolate cream filling and finish it all off with whipped topping and chocolate shavings.


Latrobe Pickup Window Now Open!


Taking your Smiles to go is about to get even easier. Our brand-new Pickup Window at Latrobe Eat’n Park is officially up and running! Woohoo! Now you can pick up your Eat’n Park takeout order without ever having to leave your car.  

This is perfect for picking up dinner for the whole family in between activities or surprising a friend or family member with something delicious on your way to see them. The Pickup Window opportunities are endless!  

To order from the Pickup Window at Latrobe, all you have to do is either call the store—or better yet, order online—and then pull into the drive-thru Pickup Window at the designated time to retrieve your order. That’s it! So, what are you waiting for? Try our brand-new Pickup Window today at Latrobe Eat’n Park!


Friday, July 1, 2022

How to Order Online at Eat'n Park

It’s a digital world out there, and if you haven’t had the chance to order online with us yet, you totally should! Don’t worry—it’s easy, and at the end of it, you get a meal! Win-win, right? Here’s how to place an online order:  

  1. Go online to locations.eatnpark.com or download the mobile app to place an order.  
  2. Select the Eat’n Park location you want to order from (for example, Waterfront).  
  3. Now the fun part—select the menu items you want to enjoy (or even some Smiley merchandise!) and add them to your cart. 
  4. Go to Checkout and add any finishing touches (like a free Smiley Cookie!).  
  5. Pay online and select one of four pickup options, including our lobby shelves, curbside pickup, Pickup Window (select locations), or delivery straight to your door (select locations).  
  6. Then, you get to eat! See, we told you it was a win-win!  



Your Takeout Destination

There’s more than one way to takeout at Eat’n Park! Whichever way works the best for you – we’re your takeout destination! Let’s walk you through all the ways you can order for takeout at the Place for Smiles, whether you place an order online via our website or mobile app or call your local Eat’n Park directly. 

  1. Place an order for pickup via our lobby shelves. Just retrieve your order on the designated shelf in our lobby and off you go!  
  2. Place an order for pickup via curbside pickup. Pull your car into a designated spot, and we’ll bring your order straight to you! 
  3. Place an order for pickup via our Pickup Window (select locations). Pull up to our Pickup Window at your designated time slot and take your Smiles to go!