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Friday, March 15, 2024

All the Green Treats to Enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day

You’ve heard of wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, but what about eating green? Look no further than Eat’n Park to help you fulfill this holiday goal. We have all the green treats to make your friends green with envy! 

Shamrock Smiley Cookies 

These cookies are hand-decorated in green icing and topped with our iconic Smile. 

St. Paddy’s Shake 

Available for a limited time only, this festive shake features mint syrup blended with vanilla ice cream! 

Pistachio Crème Pie 

Enjoy a slice of our nutty and sweet Pistachio Crème Pie or take the whole pie to go!   

Our Salads! 

Okay, so maybe you can enjoy our salads on days other than St. Patrick’s Day, but if there’s a day to fill up on mixed greens, it would be this one! Try our Chicken Bruschetta Salad, which comes with mixed greens topped with herb-crusted baked chicken breast, homemade bruschetta and balsamic glaze, cucumbers, and mozzarella and Asiago cheese.


Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Celebrate National Pi Day with. . .What Else. . .Pie!

National Pi Day is on Thursday, March 14, and we have an assortment of pies—more than 3.14 to be exact!—for you to take to coworkers, classmates, friends, family. . .or even yourself. 

Browse the pie options below or call your local restaurant to see what flavors are available today! 


Banana Crème Pie 

Chocolate Crème Pie 

Coconut Crème Pie 

Cookies and Cream Pie 

Dutch Apple 

Peachberry Pie 

Pistachio Crème Pie 


Monday, March 11, 2024

5 Ways to Enjoy Ranch on National Ranch Dressing Day

It’s the greatest, creamiest, and most buttery day of the year. . .that’s right, it’s National Ranch Dressing Day! While so many of our guests tell us they’d bathe in our Homemade Ranch (. . .), here are some other, more hygienic suggestions for how to enjoy the most delicious of condiments! 

Buffalo Chicken Wrap 

We wrap a flour tortilla with your choice of our Crispy Chicken Tenders or Grilled Chicken Breast tossed in our Buffalo sauce, with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and OF COURSE your choice of Ranch or bleu cheese dressing (we think you know the correct choice for today). 

Fresh Potato Chip Basket 

Our freshly fried chips are crisp and golden and served with our Homemade Ranch for dipping! 

Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad   

This salad comes with mixed greens topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, cheddar cheese, bacon, egg wedges, croutons, and our famous homemade Ranch dressing, with grilled chicken or herb-crusted chicken for $1 more. 

Fried Pickles 

Do you enjoy your side of Ranch with Fried Pickles or your Fried Pickles with a side of Ranch?  

Tater Tots 

You could dip your tots in ketchup, but are you really doing it correctly? Pass the Ranch! 


Friday, March 1, 2024

5 Ways to Whale at Eat’n Park

There’s more than one way to get your whale on at Eat’n Park. Here are 5 ways our guests like to enjoy Whale of a Cod! 

whale of a cod eat'n park

Whale of a Cod Dinner 

Enjoy our classic Whale of a Cod dinner, which features our famously HUGE cod fillet, without the bun, served with tartar sauce on the side and your choice of two sides and Italian bread.  

Whale & Mac 

It’s the perfect pair! We take our enormous Whale of a Cod fillet and serve it with a side of mac'n cheese for an irresistible combination, with tartar sauce available on the side. This Fridays-only dish is available every day through March 31! 

Whale of a Cod Fish Sandwich 

A GIANT cod fillet with panko breadcrumbs, fried it to a golden brown, and served on our fresh-baked Cellone's hoagie roll. 

Whale of a Cod Sandwich Family Deal 

This killer duo features two Whale of a Cod Fish Sandwiches, two orders of fresh chips with Ranch dressing, and a pint of soup OR coleslaw for $24.99.   

Deluxe Whale of a Cod Sandwich 

Craving more with our Whale of a Cod Sandwich? This one includes American cheese and lettuce!