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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why is our seafood so good?

“I Didn’t Know That!”
I’m always surprised to hear this response from some of our most loyal guests when I tell them about how we prepare our seafood. They know our seafood is good, but they’ve never thought about what makes it so good. It’s really simple - we take great care in choosing ingredients and preparing your meal at Eat’n Park. Here are a few of the fun facts that have surprised my friends and family:
  • Our fish sandwiches, including our famous “Whale of a Cod” and our new “Whitefish Sandwich,” are hand-breaded and fried in trans-fat free canola oil. Hand-breaded tastes better than processed!
  • Our new Gulf Coast Spinach appetizer is prepared fresh! When I say fresh, I mean that it’s not shipped in or frozen, but is hand-mixed from the raw ingredients each day and baked fresh when you order it.
  • Our Nantucket Cod, one of my favorites, is topped with an incredible seafood stuffing that’s homemade each morning. It’s fresh-baked and made to order, just for you. Our crab-stuffed cod also features our own homemade stuffing.
  • We prepare our tuna salad fresh, from scratch, every day. We mix Starkist tuna with fresh green peppers, celery, onion, diced egg and mayo. It’s served on our six-grain bread, which we bake fresh each day in our restaurants. We then top it with melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato to make what we think is the best Tuna Melt Sandwich in town. Homemade tuna salad on fresh-baked bread is why it tastes so good.
  • We take a lot of pride in the seafood we serve. For instance, we only serve wild-caught Alaskan Salmon. It’s higher in Omega 3 Acids (the good fat!) and lower in Mercury than farm-raised salmon.
So, now you know why our seafood items are so delicious! Don’t forget to stop in soon to try one of our seafood specials – they’ll be gone before you know it.

Kevin Share


Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs:
Regret to inform you of the following: This evening my wife and I ordered dinner at your EatNPark on Oregon Pike, Lancaster, PA. After waiting a full 15 minutes to be waited on, my wife orded your New Gulf Coast Shrimp & Spinach Bake appetizer. It was served greatly over cooked with very few pieces of shrimp and the casserole appeared to be half full. Nevertheless my wife ate it along with just some of the under-cooked string beans. I mentioned to your cashier and she asked my wife if she wanted to speak to your manager about her experience. My wife demurred and told the cashier to mention her experience to the manager. In closing, I had the feeling that the facility was under staffed for the volume of business at the time. When you advertise aggressively new dishes, it behooves you to be certain your staff can prepared them correctly.
Food For Thought.
Nicholas Gianopoulos

Eat'n Park said...

Thank you, Nicholas, for your visit and for your feedback. When we promote a special item like the Gulf Coast Shrimp and Spinach Bake, we do a lot of training to make sure our team members know how to properly make it. It sounds like we need to circle back to this location to make sure our team is in the know and on board with our quality and staffing standards.

We understand that there are many choices when dining out, and we are disappointed when we don't meet our guests’ expectations when they do choose us! I will be visiting Harrisburg soon and will be sure to stop by this location on my trip.

Mercy Senchur
VP of Operations

Contact me personally at mercy@eatnpark.com

P.S. I appreciated your "Food for thought" tagline...