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Monday, March 16, 2009

Soup to Go!

What is your favorite soup day at Eat’n Park?

Our soups and chili have long been a favorite at Eat’n Park. It seems like there’s a following for each flavor. The most popular is definitely Eat’n Park’s famous Potato soup, but my personal favorite is the Stuffed Pepper soup. I order it every Monday! What is your soup day at Eat’n Park?

A great way to enjoy our soups is to get them to go. That’s right – all of our soups and chili are available for takeout by the quart. And at $5.99, it’s a great deal! A quart contains about 4 servings so it’s delicious, a great value, and can serve the whole family.

Our homemade chicken noodle soup and chili are available every day. Our other soups are available as follows:

Sunday: Cream of Potato
Monday: Stuffed Pepper
Tuesday: Cream of Broccoli
Wednesday: Cream of Potato
Thursday: Wedding
Friday: Clam Chowder
Saturday: Cream of Broccoli


Kevin Share


Anonymous said...

I love Stuffed Pepper, too. I also really miss Cheese Soup.

khanada said...

My absolute favourite is the cream of broccoli soup. It is so delicious! It's possibly one of the best soups I've ever had.

Anonymous said...

The cheese soup was the best soup EVER! Please consider bringing it back. I have tried to find another soup that is similar, but nothing else compares!

shirley the mail lady said...

We try to make a weekly trip JUST to get the MOST DELICIOUS Potato
Soup EVER MADE . My mother is 87 and her week is NOT complete without getting her Potato Soup.
I,too, feel the same. We LOVE IT ! ! ! ! Shirley

Anonymous said...

I get disappointed when I find out it is not cheddar broccoli soup day, or creamy potato in 2nd running! I know we have our chili and chicken noodle lovers out there, but chicken noodle is only for when you are sick (gotta make a trip to the soup bar: instant relief of a bad cold!) Neither are nearly as awesome as the Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday Soups! I am craving Cream of Brocolli so bad right now, I barely wait for Saturday to arrive!