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Friday, March 6, 2009

Friend passes on love of Smiley Cookies

Well, my story isn't a romantic story, but it is about love! 10 years ago I had twins, Melissa and Michael. My best friend Charles loves Eat'n Park so much that he couldn't wait until he could take them to eat there. Well, they were about a month old and there we were at Eat'n Park on Banksville Road. Chuckie (as I call him) was getting his picture taken with Melissa, holding a Smiley Cookie right in front of her. Yes, he wanted to feed it to the twins but I had to assure him that they'd soon in time be old enough to eat them. One of their first solid foods was a Smiley Cookie. You know, until this present day, Melissa LOVES Smiley Cookies. We have to go buy them at least once a month for her, and believe me when I say she eats the whole dozen herself! Michael, on the other hand, LOVES the buffet.

Charles now lives in Florida and we ship him Smiley Cookies, since he loves them just as much as Melissa does. He even comes up to Pittsburgh about 4 or so times a year, and you better believe we go to Eat'n Park to eat every time he visits. As I said, this isn't a love story, but it is of the love of Eat'n Park.

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