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Friday, March 6, 2009

Like father, like daughters

I met my husband in 2001, and we were married in 2002. During courtship, and even after our wedding, we frequently ate at Eat'n Park Restaurants because he was a very healthy eater and loved the salad bar and fish we could get there.

A few months later we started a family.....now two daughters later...at 3 & 5 years old they still like to go to "Park n Eat" It is their favorite restaurant. Every time I take the girls to "Park n Eat," they get the Baked Scrod w/ Broccoli, and they love it so much. Waitresses are often surprised to see two toddlers eating fish, but they've been eating it since before they had teeth. Their daddy loved it and he passed that down to them. He came ill to cancer and has, to our dismay, go on to be with the Lord in Heaven, but God sustains us and still gives the 3 of us opportunities to go to "Park n Eat" to have some fish!!!!

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Anonymous said...

whats you smiling about i love the soup and salad bar at the 1 over at the waterfront. it is bigger from lori lori

Anonymous said...

i loved your story from pgh pa