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Friday, March 6, 2009

Just say "Yes!"

Eat'n Park - are you kidding! I love Eat'n Park. I used to work at the restuaurant in Ambridge in the 70's. Unfortunately, it is no longer there. I didn't meet my sweetie there or get engaged there, but he used to stop in and visit me quite a bit. He would also pick me up after the late shift for a ride home. One evening after he picked me up, we went for a drive. He parked so we could talk, and there I sat in my waitress uniform: brown skirt and mini tie, white shoes and blouse, blue apron tied up in a pretty bow (and paper clipped to perfection), and my black and white name tag. And it was there that he asked me to marry him - I said yes, of course, and we have been married for 35 years now! I'll never forget what I was wearing when he proposed -that awesome Eat'n Park uniform!

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