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Friday, March 6, 2009

Generations of love at Eat'n Park

This story is about my brother, Michael, and my sister-in-law, Ginni. They will be married 35 years in June. Michael was working in the kitchen when Ginni became a waitress - you know what they say about "love at first sight" - and that is exactly what happened to them. What a beautiful couple they make. They even had one elderly couple who loved them both so much that they would ask for Ginni when they needed to be seated and always left a generous tip for both she and my brother (although I believe in those days the waitresses had to put all tips in a jar, which they shared at the end of the day).

Love still continues as their daughter, Erin - who is subbing as an elementary teacher - also works at Eat'n Park on the days she is available. Their youngest daughter, Kily, has been working, first as a greeter and now as a waitress, at the Eat'n Park in Allison Park. Me, well - I remember when we would jump in a car and we would drive in a circle around Eat'n Park for years - that was the place to be.

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