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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

All the Ways to Enjoy Your Local Eat'n Park Salad Bar

Who doesn't love the Eat'n Park Salad Bar? It’s always a guest favorite! After all, where else can you enjoy three different types of meals without breaking the bank? There are so many endless combinations to try at the Salad Bar, and here are a few for you to enjoy it during your next Eat’n Park visit!

Eat'n Park Salad Bar

Create a Soup, Salad & Fruit Meal Exactly to Your Taste 

Build the perfect salad with all your fresh and craveable fixings, sip on a warm bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup (or whatever the Soup of the Day is!), and finish it all off with some fresh-cut fruit.  

Bring the Whole Family to Enjoy the Eat’n Park Salad Bar 

Besides enjoying a vast assortment of ingredients on your plate personalized to your taste, did you know that there are other perks to enjoying our Salad Bar? For every order of an Eat’n Park Salad Bar entrée, one kid aged three and under can enjoy the Salad Bar for free! Plus, all kids ages 10 and under can enjoy the Salad Bar for half-price! Feed the whole family on a budget while also getting them to eat their fruits and veggies! 

Enjoy the Salad Bar AND an Eat’n Park Meal 

Torn between ordering the Eat’n Park Salad Bar and another delicious Eat’n Park meal? Why not choose both! When you order a dinner, like a Whale of a Cod or Chicken Bruschetta dinner, add the Salad Bar as your side for $3.99 or to your meal for just $4.99 more!  

Find a Local Eat'n Park Salad Bar

We’re thrilled for guests to stop in and enjoy the fresh, craveable, and customizable Salad Bar at their local Eat’n Park*.  

Eat’n Park Salad Bar Hours: Open at 11 am Monday through Friday, at 12 pm on Saturday, and at 3 pm on Sunday.  

*Eat’n Park Salad Bar is not open at the following locations: McKeesport, Bridgeville, McKnight (Southbound), Murrysville, and Wheeling.  


Tuesday, June 20, 2023

3 Ways to Save Some Money at Eat’n Park This Summer

You gotta budget for the beach, right? Here are 3 ways to save some money at Eat’n Park this summer.  


$5 App with Salad Bar Entrée
Salad? Check. Soup? Check. Fruit? Check. Appetizer? GAMECHANGER. Yep, when you order the Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar as an entrée, you can now order an appetizer for just $5! Imagine all the combinations!  

$3.99 Kids Meals
This is not a drill! Feed the whole family without breaking the bank with $3.99 kids’ meals, along with our brand-new kids’ menu featuring a Jr. Superburger! The $3.99 deal applies to kids ages 10 and under.  

Park after Dark Dessert Deals
From 8–11PM, stop in for $5 shakes and $3 slices of pie! It’s the perfect treat for after the movie, taking the team out to celebrate, or marking the end of a work shift.  

Order now online or on the Eat’n Park app! 


Thursday, June 15, 2023

4 Eat’n Park Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

What are you getting dear ol’ Dad for Father’s Day? Here are 4 suggestions to make his day filled with Smiles!  

Smiley Cookies  
Who doesn’t want to receive a treat like this one? They're a sweet surprise that will put a Smile on his face.  

Join Us on Father’s Day 
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner—take him to Eat’n Park this Father’s Day! We have something for everyone, including popular summer menu items, like our Zucchini Lasagna and Strawberry Chicken Salad. We also have our Sunday Brunch Buffet from 9AM-2PM.   

Pie (Because Everyone Loves Pie!)
Choose Dad’s favorite pie for takeout and deliver it straight to him for Father’s Day! (It just might make you his favorite child!)   

Get Him a Gift Card to Eat’n Park 
Stop in to pick up a gift card for a future visit to the Place for Smiles.