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Friday, March 6, 2009

The 14 Days of Marissa

Those who say "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" will really enjoy this story. Before my husband was my forever Valentine, we lived 2 states apart; almost 9 hours away from each other. And that is why our first Valentine's Day was a special one!

He had it all planned out - even the time off work - to spend 14 days in Erie celebrating our love together. It was titled "The 14 days of Marissa." Each day leading up to February 14th was unique, in which he would take me to one of my favorite places or set something up at my apartment that would make me smile and laugh. Such memories inlcude: dinner at a Japanese steakhouse, fried ice cream at Chi Chi's, a chick flick at a local theater and a time away from it all - a bubble bath filled with rose petals.

But, he left the best gift for the last day. . .a box of Eat'n Park Smiley Cookies. We spent that final night together watching a movie and eating my favorite treat! Now we are happily married and still remember that first Valentine's Day together celebrating not just 1 day but 14 in a row!

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