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Friday, March 6, 2009

Celebrating Our 60th Anniversary in 2009

2009 marks our 60th year in business! 60 years of providing high quality food and service at a wonderful price! 60 years of making new friends, and 60 years of building smiles in our communities! We thank you for helping to make this all possible.

It seems like just yesterday when my Dad would load our family into the station wagon to head over to our Bridgeville restaurant for a Superburger. He would always buy at least one Tin Roof Sundae for us all to share. 25 years later, I am still enjoying Superburgers on a weekly basis…they just never get old. And the Tin Roof Sundae… it’s still a favorite, although now we each order our own!

There are so many memories to go around…I know you have a bunch as well. We hope that you will take time to celebrate with us this year over the summer as we look back over our great history, while at the same time never resting on our laurels. This year in particular, we will work harder than ever to provide you with a wonderful experience at an even better value.

Thank you, again, for allowing us to serve you, your family and your friends for 60 years. Cheers!

Jeff Share


Anonymous said...

Eat'n Park was a special place that was a MUST stop. Our friends and us used to pile into their van for many years. Off we would head to the area malls. We would shop by the hours, then head over to Eat'n Park for lunch or dinner, depending on what time it was.The
eight of us would enjoy the delicious variety of foods on the menu. Staff got to know us after about 10 years of doing this. It was something we did almost every month. We still have the flipping pages of the Christmas tree and star, that you handed out to the kids,,back when. We play the cassettes of Children's Christmas Songs that you used to sell. So many fond memories. Had to stop doing that because we moved over to the Philly area and 4 hrs from our friends. One of our members has since passed away..but she is never forgotten..nor is the fond memories of Eat'n Parks food, and friendly family oriented staff. Thank you Eat'n Park, thank you.
Linda & Frank
formerly from Johnstown, PA

Anonymous said...

I have wonderful memories of many lunches and dinners with my Mom at Eat'n Park. We always went to the one in Natrona Heights,PA. She always liked to sit where it was a little more private, always back by the restrooms. She loved coconut creme pie, or apple. She wouldn't get a piece unless I got a piece. Needless to say , I ate a lot of pie I didn't want. I wish I could bring those wonderful days back,as she is no longer with us. I will forever cherish our Eat'n Park memories.Judy Roudybush, Slippery Rock, PA