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Friday, March 6, 2009

Joy in friendships found at Eat'n Park

This isn't a typical "Valentine" love story, but one of the love that I have found in friendship. Valentine's Day isn't about finding my "one true love,” but in my case, I have found so much more. The friendships, the care, and the joy that I have found this past year at the Whitehall Eat’n Park have been a special gift in my life.

The past year has been a somewhat difficult one for me. I had a fairly serious surgery in January 2008, some ongoing health problems, my Mom passed away suddenly in April, and my uncle died in May. Through all of this, my Eat’n Park family has been such a comfort to me.

I have written many times to the corporate office of my gratitude, but I want to share my story with others. I truly believe that people come into our lives when we need them most. I have found that not only do I care about the team at Whitehall, but they care about me. I feel like Norm on Cheers...everybody knows my name!

We all have a story. Our lives are all filled with sadness and joy, so going to this Eat’n Park has opened my eyes and my heart and helped me to realize that life is too short - so we should love and live every moment. To me, that's what love is all about...the giving, the sharing… the caring - and I have found all of this and more in the friendships that I have found at the Whitehall Eat’n Park.

A special thank you to manager Jenn P. Her friendship has been such a wonderful gift in my life. The managers, servers, cooks, greeters, and salad bar people that I have come to know and love have been a source of strength and joy for me. They have placed an Eat’n Park smile on my heart. Eat’n Park truly is a "place for smiles" in my life. How blessed am I!

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