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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whitehall Eat'n Park continues to delight, after 50+ years

We arrived here in 1956 from Philadelphia, very unfamiliar with the South Hills. Our first visit to the Whitehall Eat'n Park was with our real estate agent, who pointed out how easy it would be for us to visit the restaurant from a house just up the hill and across the railroad bridge in Baldwin. She made that sale!

There have been several remodels over the years, a new traffic light with a left-turn lane finally added, from Streets Run Road, and the neighboring businesses along Route 51 have changed. But, thankfully, not the coffee! Though the family has gone, I still live there, and still frequent Eat'n Park with friends several times a week. And we talk about old times and remember the carhops with hats and maroon slacks, and how we treated our kids on "pay day" with Big Boy hamburgers and milkshakes. The cars of the 50's are gone, too, but not my fondness for Eat'n Park. When traveling in any direction to visit those same kids, now grown with families of their own, guess what restaurant I look for? And, even though it's no longer called a "Big Boy," the servers still know exactly what I want!

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