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Thursday, April 16, 2009

There's more than one way to eat a Smiley Cookie

When my now 17 year old son was about 4, he had some interesting quirks, including not eating the faces of cookies. This wasn't a problem with, say, a gingerbread cookie, where he would just break off the head and eat the body. The Smiley Cookie was a challenge.

Like any preschooler, he loved cookies, and wanting to enjoy his Smiley Cookie, he developed an interesting way to do so. He would eat only the outside edges of the cookie, up until the point he reached the eyes and mouth, and then he would be done. If anyone else tried to eat the rest, he would become upset, so as we left the restaurant, someone would sneak it off his plate to enjoy the rest.

One afternoon, his grandmother brought over a package of Smiley Cookies that had about 8 cookies left in it. The cookies were left on the table overnight, and the next morning, we found the package open and the edges nibbled off of every single cookie! Now he eats them eyes, mouth and all. Whenever I go home to Ambridge, PA, I have to stop by the Sewickley Eat'n Park and pick up a bunch to bring home to him.

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