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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Smiley Christmas

It was late in December, right before Christmas. I had been so busy working, and trying to get the house ready for Christmas. Somehow, I got behind and it was two days before Christmas. The Christmas tree was up and had lights on it but nothing else -- not one decoration. I knew I would not have time to decorate it.

I got this great idea ... I went down to Eat'n Park on Saxonburg Blvd/Route 8 and bought two dozen red and green Smiley Cookies. I took them home and wrapped each one in a clear wrap and tied them with a red or green ribbon at the top. I then hung them on the tree. Nothing but big red and green Smiley Cookies to cover the tree. Everyone loved the tree on Christmas day, as I always have the entire family over. The best part was the kids and adults could take a cookie when they wanted to eat one and even take them home with them. The tree looked adorable and everyone was happy to have a Smiley Cookie on Christmas Day.

Eat'n Park -- the place for smiles, and now my house too -- the place for Smiley Cookies on my Christmas tree. Eat'n Park Smiley Cookies are the BEST!

P.S. Actually, the Smiley Cookie is my very favorite cookie of all other cookies, and I am celebrating my 60th birthday with Eat'n Park this year too. Happy Birthday to both ot us! Smiley Cookies Rule!

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