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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bunny Smiley Cookies loved by kids of all ages

My friend and I were at Eat'n Park with my son for dinner. He was about 7 years old at the time. When we finished our dinner, the server asked my son what kind of cookie he wanted. It was a choice of a bunny cookie or a regular Smiley face cookie. My friend and I (being 30-somethings) both jumped up and down in our seats, repeating over and over, "Bunny cookie! bunny cookie!" as we made bunny ears with our fingers.

Well, we did not know it, but the manager was behind us, and he said to our server, "Please bring all the kids at the table a bunny cookie." We were all a little embarrassed at first, but we laughed and laughed after she brought us the cookies. Years later, we still laugh about it, and my son says to us that we are "not right." Today, we make it a tradition to go get Easter bunny cookies every year.

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