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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fond memories of Grandpap and "Park and Eat"

When I was a youngster, it was a tradition in our family to go to Eat'n Park with my paternal grandparents every Sunday after church. My grandpap always called it "Park and Eat", because, as he always insisted,"You gotta park BEFORE you can eat!!"

One Sunday, after eagerly downing a "Big Boy" hamburger, large order of fries and a chocolate milkshake, my grandpap ordered strawberry pie (with extra whipped cream) and coffee for dessert. The waitress asked if he wanted cream for his coffee, and he replied, "No, thanks, I'm watching my weight." He was completely serious, and I'll always remember the look on that poor woman's face as she nearly choked trying not to explode with laughter.

Grandpap has been gone for many, many years, but now his great-great grandchildren wait anxiously for my husband and I, their grandparents, to arrive at their home in Kansas with their favorite snack, Smiley Cookies! And by the way, they prefer milk, not coffee with cream, with their Eat'n Park favorite!

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