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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Generations of memories

Almost fifty years ago, while my dad was stationed in Philadelphia, we made the trip from Level Green to Monroeville twice a month to celebrate his coming home for the weekend. We would pull into Eat'n Park on Rte 22, and you could smell the burgers as you rolled down you windows. There were still waitresses that took your order from the car then - my order, as always, was a burger and chocolate milk! I can still look back and remember that smell, wafting from the kitchen. And I can see in my heart's eye my Mom and Dad (both gone on now) and my little sister, madly waiting to share the really cool french fries they had there! Now and again as I sit down with my GRANDchildren at our Eat'n Park in Monaca, I can smell that aroma, and realize we are making memories for Ava, Ben, Dru And Ty that will carry them thru the next fifty years. Thank You for still being our memory maker.

Baden, PA Share

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