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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Family Tradition

I have always taken my children to Eat'n Park because I felt sitting at a table and eating a meal as a family was more important than a drive thru. So when my first grandchild, Joey, was born in 1994, we would have him over for weekends. The tradition was breakfast with Grammy and Pap every time he came over. He learned the jingle "Eat'n Park's the place for smiles" and then he would say "pa-dum-bump".

Joey first lived in Penn Hills, and then his family moved to Latrobe. So our new routine was to stop at a different Eat'n Park along the way and everywhere we took him. Joey would map out where the next Eat'n Park was. He learned fast that when we went out to Eat'n Park that he would give the tip to our server and tell them what a nice job they did.

We have been to Eat'n Parks all over Pennsylvania, and we take all of our seven grandchildren there. It is a tradition to go to Eat'n Park for any occasion with my family, and that's what makes it a special occasion! When Joey, Kirk, and Somer moved to Tracy, CA for 3 years, I sent Smiley cookies for them to share with their classmates for every occasion, and my daughter needed her fix of the sticky buns! Now they are back in Pennsylvania, and of course there is not a week that goes by we're not at an Eat'n Park!

The one in the Waterfront is my youngest daughter's (a vegan) preferred place as they make her a totally special Vegan sandwich that can't be beat! My son will run down in the evening to get me a treat, I have taught them well. The tradition continues...

Leslie Marie
Munhall, PA Share

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