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Friday, July 10, 2009

Sisters make special memories with Mom

Back in the early 1950's, my parents owned and operated a small grocery store. My sister and I were teenagers, her being almost three years older than me. We took advantage of the fact that mom was always so busy. When we got hungry, it was, "Mom, can we go to Eat'n Park?" She always said yes. She'd give us money and away we went. It was "Big Boys" and "Milkshakes". We also went there with our friends every chance we got. It was always Eat'n Park. It was the place to be. Naturally we ordered other things but the Big Boys and milkshakes were the main course for us. As I remember, the Big Boy cost .50 cents and they were BIG.

As time went on, we took our mom to Eat'n Park many times. It was part of her life too. Getting married and having children didn't change a thing. Eat'n Park became part of their lives also, only now, daddy paid the bill. When getting together with old friends there was no dicussion of where to meet, it was always Eat'n Park. It's a part of who we are. It's coming home. We never stopped going to Eat'n Park. Any time we met to eat, it was Eat'n Park, at the same location. Mom passed away in 1993, my sister in 2005 and Eat'n Park is still part of my life. When walking in, I still get that "at home" feeling and think of my mom and sister and all the good memories. It will always be special to me. No one can steal that away.

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