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Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Days at the Avalon Eat'n Park

I was a waitress at the Eat'n Park in Avalon during my junior and senior years in high school. The years were the early 1970's. Several of my girlfriends worked there with me. We had great times there under the management of Chuck Zuzac. He was the best! I will always remember him as my first real boss. He was strict and professional but yet helpful and caring too. We were young and inexperienced as workers, and he made sure we were taught well by the seasoned waitresses.

However, I attended high school in the North Hills area and that meant that everybody that was anybody "hung out" at the Eat'n Park on McKnight Road. In those days it was right below Northway mall and it had car hop service. My girlfriends and I would get our dads' cars and we had to get there as often as possible --several times a week. Everyone got the "89er" in those days! What a deal that was--a Big Boy, fries and a coke for 89 cents! And if we had extra money we would upgrade the 89er to have onion rings! Yum! That was a treat back then. And dessert was meeting and hanging out with all the cool guys that came in their really cool, almost flourescent-colored cars. In those days, brightly colored cars were hot! Eat'n Park meant great food, great guys, great cars back then. I have many colorful, happy memories of those years.

Over the years I have evolved just as Eat'n Park has evolved. Today, it is more of a family place to eat. And I am more of a family person now that I am a Gramma. So, I am just as happy today to take my grandson there with me. And I'd say it is still a great place to eat !

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