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Friday, July 10, 2009

New and Improved! Our Endless Soup & Salad Bar

What’s all the excitement about at Eat’n Park? It’s our new and improved soup and salad bar! We have reinvented, refreshed, and re-introduced our salad bar with more fresh and homemade selections than you can find anywhere else.

We’ve added some great new items like crumbled bleu cheese, green olives, sweet red peppers, black beans, and pickled eggs. And of course, you will still find our fresh and bountiful selection of more than 25 salad toppings, five of the freshest fruits available, four homemade salads (yes, we make them all ourselves), fresh-baked breads and even more. You will also find our famous chicken noodle soup and chili every day along with our special soup of the day. A little Eat’n Park trivia for you is that Wednesday (Potato soup day) is the most popular day for soup (Potato soup is now also available on Sundays).

To make room for all the fresh new goodies, we did have to remove the “hot spots” at the end of the bar. Overall, we felt that it was difficult to maintain the quality of these items over the hours the salad bar was open, and feedback from many guests told us you preferred more fresh salad options to choose from.

We take pride in making sure our soup and salad bar has the best quality ingredients around. While salad bars at other places are often filled with items that aren’t fresh-made, we make our prepared salads from scratch, and we use produce direct from local farms when it’s in season through our FarmSource program. In fact, if you read the FarmSource signs posted on the salad bar daily, you can see exactly which items were grown locally and what farm they came from. Our FarmSource program allows our guests to enjoy fresh, wholesome foods while supporting the local agricultural community. Just click here to read more about it.

We’re also proud of the value of our soup and salad bar. While other places charge by the pound, we still offer our entire endless selection of fresh salads, fresh fruit and homemade soups for only $6.99, or you can add it to your meal for $2.00 in place of a side. And, you can even get it to go for that same price!

So next time you’re in, give the new and improved salad bar a try, and then come back here and let me know what you think.




Sarah said...

You know, my 3-year-old (who loves your salad bar) isn't going to care, but as the adult who most often "sponsors" his salad bar meal, I'm excited for the new selections!

cmom said...

Make sure you still have the three bean and spring mix salads! <3

Dibby said...

How can you get off calling it "New and Improoved", when it offers the same items?
#58 offers 1 new item, some type of plum-apricot mix, but other than that...same as always......
Is the improvment that the employees are washing their hands now? Because THAT would be awesome....

Eat'n Park said...

Thanks for your comment. Actually, the removal of the "hot spots" allowed us to add several new items to our salad bar at the Indiana Eat'n Park, including black beans, red peppers, water chesnuts, green olives, bleu cheese, jello, and new prepared salads. Additionally, I can assure you that our employees will continue to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, as they have always done.