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Friday, July 10, 2009

Car Hop Days at Avalon Eat'n Park

I haven't seen any stories posted yet about the Avalon location, so I have to share my fond memories of a great place to eat and meet your friends.

Back in the 60's it was still a drive-in restaurant with a counter if you wanted to eat inside. The fabulous cars that rolled through that location were a treat to observe every night. I remember one particular car hop that worked there for years, and her name was Billie - she was a great waitress and a lot of fun. She knew all the people that were regulars and would automatically bring out your order after you pulled in.

Another personality I remember was "Mike" from Avalon who had a coral and cream white Ford convertible ('56 or '57 if I remember correctly) with white fake fur interior. Sharp guy, sharp car - the girls all had crushes on Mike. Then there was "Bill" who had a '58 black chevy with red interior - another cutie. For a couple of years I spent all my spare time at the place and made many friends and lots of memories.

I still stop in at this location in my travels to the north side of town (I live in Scott Township now), and of course I frequent the Bridgeville restaurant and the Banksville Road location. LONG LIVE EAT'N PARK. IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN A GREAT PLACE WITH GOOD FOOD AND GREAT EMPLOYEES.

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