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Friday, October 9, 2009

New Gluten-Free Bun Available at Every Eat’n Park!

We have an exciting announcement for our guests who have celiac disease: we now have a gluten-free bun available in all of our restaurants! This new rice/tapioca-based bun is similar to an Italian-style roll, and we think you’re going to love it. Unlike some other gluten-free breads, it doesn’t have a dry, crumbly texture. In fact, it’s delicious!

We’ve always done our best of cater to our guests’ various dietary needs, and the back of our menu is a great resource for anyone on a low-calorie, reduced-sodium, vegetarian, or celiac-friendly diet. However, for those with gluten allergies, this new bun opens up a whole new world of celiac-friendly possibilities at Eat’n Park.

Below is a list of our menu items that can now be enjoyed gluten-free with the substitution of the new bun:

Burgers:Black Angus American Grill Burger
Black Angus BBQ Bacon and Cheddar Burger
Classic Black Angus Burger
Classic Black Angus Cheeseburger
Black Angus Superburger
Black Angus Mushroom and Onion Burger

Philly Steak and Cheese
Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich
Santa Fe Turkey and Bacon
Chicken and Portobella Hoagie

Breakfast Sandwiches:
All-American Scrambler
Texas-Sized Scrambler
Skinny Scrambler

Click here to see all of our other gluten-free items.

Just ask your server to substitute the new bun with your next meal, and as always, be sure let him or her know if you have a gluten allergy, so that we can avoid cross-contact with gluten ingredients when preparing your meal.

If you’ve had a chance to try the new bun, please post your comments here. We’d love to hear your feedback! Share


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!! I have Celiacs disease and i feel safe eating at Eat N Park, and now I can have a bun with my superburger. I have not been able to do that for the past 6 years! I am thrilled really, THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!! But it would still be helpful to see the ingredients of this bun. I have Celiacs but also need to review ingredient lists for gums.. thanks again!

Eat'n Park said...

Great point - we can definitely share the list of ingredients with you. We'll post these to our online menu also.

Filtered water, rice flour, corn starch, tapioca starch, eggs, expeller pressed canola oil, potato starch, sugar. Contains less than 2% of the following: yeast, protein replacer [potato starch, tapioca flour, leavening (calcium lactate), calcium carbonate, citric acid, carbohydrate gum], salt, xanthenes gum, organic apple cider vinegar.

Anonymous said...

Love the new gluten free bun. However, some servers do not know about the new gf bun and tell you they never heard of it and just say no we don't have that, and some locations do not prepare the bun properly. I recently had a superbuger with the new gf bun and it was hard as a rock. I have always had good luck at the cranberry location this store really understands gluten free! Three members of our family eat gluten free and we dine at Eat N Park about 2 times plus a week at various locations. Thanks Eat N Park for giving us Celiacs so many food options at your resturants.

Eat'n Park said...

Thanks for your feedback about some servers not knowing about the bun or preparing it properly. Can you let us know specifically which locations you're referring to, so that we can follow up and ensure a better experience for you next time?

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to trying the gluten free bun. I told my family breakfast and dinner at Eat-N-Park tomorrow. Thanks for giving people with Celiac disease options!

jim said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am having such a hard time on the gluten free diet - this will help and at my favorite restaurant, too! Jeanne Martin

Anonymous said...

Thank you Eat'n Park for the new gluten free bun. I was so excited when the waitress at the Waterfront Eat'n Park told me about the gluten free bun. It was very good and I soooooo enjoyed my angus burger. Please keep up the good work for all us celiac people who can still enjoy going to Eat'n Park for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now you need to work on a dessert that is gluten free.

Thank you very very much!

Sara Lauren said...

i got to try this roll at the McMurray location, and it was delicious! i had it with butter and jelly along with my omelet. i asked our waitress to double check and make sure that they had really given me the gluten-free version because it was SO tasty, i just couldn't believe it was gluten free!

now if only you also had gluten-free smiley cookies, my life would be complete. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the gluten free bun. I can't wait to take my daughter there to try it! You are the only ones in Somerset who actually have gluten free items on their menu and we love coming there. How about bringing back the chicken and rice soup, too! She loved that.

Mr Bee said...

My wife's jaw dropped from surprise when she heard that she could get a superburger with a GF bun. Thanks to our server, Cory (Bridgeport,WV), for mentioning it when my wife asked for a burger w/o a bun. You really made her day.
It's too bad that the Rosemary chicken is no longer available GF. It was a winner healthy meal.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Today was the first time I've had a hamburger on a gluten free bun since my trip to Disney World - and it was just as delicious. It is so wonderful to be able to eat a burger the "old fashioned way" and not cut up on a plate. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

My husbamd and I had the gluten free bun with our breakfast at the DuBois, PA location today and it was delicous. The waitress got the manager to take our order when we told her we eat gluten free. The manager was very knowledgeable and friendly about it. She had the bun grilled and served with our breakfast. I put biutter on it and it was AWESOME!! I had second thoughts at first thinking there had been a mistake because it tasted soooo good. The manager reassured us and was very comforting. Thank You you have to know how special it is that you offer this, and I will be sure to spread the word. Are you able to share with all us celiacs what brand the buns are and if there is a place we could purchase them? That would really make my day!! Thanks Again!!!

Eat'n Park said...

Hi there! The buns are produced by French Meadow Bakery, and they can be purchased online at http://www.frenchmeadow.com/

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Any plans to offer a Gluten-free smiley cookie??? Please?!

melissaw92 said...

How do you heat the gluten free buns? My dad purchased some from Eaten Park but they didn't taste as good as when he got them from Eatn Park.

Jennifer Lewis said...

Thank you so much, Eat n Park, for the gluten free bun and the GF menu! I tried the GF bun yesterday, and it was very tasty. I've just been diagnosed with celiac sprue, and it's great to know that there's a restaurant out there where I know which foods are safe for me to eat.

Like the others have said, I would love a GF version of the Smiley cookie, and I would love a GF version of your chicken noodle soup.

reality therapist said...

Great bun! This is the first GF bread product I have enjoyed, and I have tried everything out there. The also sell them by the dozen and 1/2 dozen. I got 1/2 dozen to go (they are frozen), and I've had one every day. Way to go Eat n Park.

BethProverbs31 said...

I tried the new GF bun and it was absolutely delicious! Not heavy in texture at all...very much like a fresh baked bun! I thank Eat N Park for catering to those of us with gluten sensitivities. I would hope, however, that in the future, Eat N Park would also have a gluten-free cooking surface. I was slightly ill that night after eating there (had a burger on a GF bun), probably because the grill they cooked my burger on isn't GF. Can someone tell me what brand these buns are and where I can get them, please?

Eat'n Park said...

BethProverbs31 - thanks for your comments and feedback. The buns are produced by French Meadow Bakery, and they can be purchased online at http://www.frenchmeadow.com/

Have a great day!

BethProverbs31 said...

TY! The same to you! BTW, the restaurant I ate at was the South Park, PA location. The manager came to take my order and assure me my order was as GF as possible and was very knowledgeable. Thumbs up to the South Park restaurant! And please consider adding an extra cooking surface to your restaurants strictly for GF cooking! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hello. I just made my first purchase of your gluten-free buns - DELISHIOUS! Thank you.
I think the price is a little high tho, $9.99 half dozen. but they are the best I have found!

Cecelia said...

I like your gluten free bun and so does my little granddaughter. My question is how many carbs are in the bun as she has Celiac and also is a Diabetic, so we need to know the carbs.
Thank you.

Eat'n Park said...

Hi, Cecelia! There are 40g of carbs in our bun. For more nutritional information about any of our items, please visit our nutritional calculator, which can be found here: http://bit.ly/1cKDZMt

preachergirl said...

I ate at one of your locations while on vacation and was so happy to have a delicious gluten free bun with my breakfast. I bought a dozen to take home. I'm from Arkansas so can't wait aisle purchase the buns from you. I checked out the link for purchasing them from the bakery and did t see an option for ordering online and shipping. Is it still the same bakery as listed in links from previous years' posts?

Eat'n Park said...

Hello! We're so glad that you enjoyed our gluten free options! Unfortunately, we are unable to ship them to you at this time but we hope you'll stop by to see us the next time you're in the area!