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Monday, October 19, 2009

Why is our coffee better …Part 2

If you read my first post in our series on our espresso beverages (click here to read it now), you know that when we began developing our espresso program, we painstakingly tested hundreds of different espresso beans to find the perfect blend. We eventually landed on three varieties of beans from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Brazil.

But choosing different coffees that complement each other perfectly is just the FIRST step. Next, and just as important, is roasting.

Roasted to perfection

When developing our espresso beverages, we spent just as much time searching for the perfect blend and roast level as we spent selecting the beans. The three coffees are first blended to our proprietary recipe, then roasted together in small batches locally here in Pittsburgh. By blending before roasting, we are able to get a nice harmonious flavor which allows the different coffees to complement each other. And small batch roasting allows us to keep an eagle’s eye on each roast to make sure it is perfect. It also allows the freshest possible coffee.

And espresso is just not darker roasted coffee…or at least our blend is not. Just because coffee is dark roasted doesn’t mean it tastes good. If the bean is not right, and matched with the perfect roast profile, it is just bad coffee roasted to taste burned!!

Water: The other 80%

Oh, and one last thing…without good, clean water nothing will taste good. After all, at least 80% of every espresso shot is water. It is a critical ingredient, and the one that most places overlook. But, not us…we filter ALL of our water at Eat’n Park. The water in our coffees, iced teas, and Pepsi are all filtered in house in a special system designed by our quality control team to ensure high quality beverages EVERY time.

With the beans and roast level finally selected and our filters ready to dispense fresh, clean water, we were ready for our guests to try our new espresso drinks. In my final installment, find out how our made-to-order beverages are individually crafted for each and every guest.

Until next time,

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