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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Smiley Cookie Ingredients and Allergens

We receive a lot of requests for the ingredients in our famous Smiley Cookies, especially from guests with food allergies. While we can't share the recipe for our delicious cookies, we can tell you that they contain the following allergens: wheat, soy, egg, and milk.

For those who are allergic to tree nuts, it’s also important to note that while the Smiley Cookie itself does not contain any nut products, these allergens are present in our restaurants, where the cookies are iced and baked. Additionally, the candy corn on our Halloween Smiley Cookie is produced in a factory that also processes nuts.

But no need to fear... SmileyCookie.com is here! At SmileyCookie.com, you can order individually wrapped cookies that are both nut free AND kosher. (That also includes the candy corn on our Halloween cookies!) Plus, we'll ship them right to your doorstep to make life easy on you. Click here to check out our nut free cookies today!

If you have any additional questions about ingredients or allergens in any of our menu items, please email us at responses@eatnpark.com.


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