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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Creating Smiles with the Wild Things and Carnegie Library

Hey, y’all! Caroline here with an update on what Smiley has been up to! 

This past weekend started out with Smiley making a visit to his friend “the Wild Thing” at a Washington Wild Things baseball game. The Wild Thing challenged Smiley to a dance battle that Smiley won hands down!  

Team Smiley welcomed excited fans to the game with Smiley Cookies, prizes, and of course bright smiling faces!  

After a fun evening out, the Cookie Cruiser crew stopped by the Melanoma 5k early Saturday morning. Smiley had a blast hanging out with Jalapeno Hannah, Chedder Chester, and the Pirate Parrot all while cheering on the runners at the race. Smiley got to see lots of little fans and has since decided to start running in hopes of beating the pierogies in their race! 

Team Smiley brought the hype as they took over the dance floor and rewarded runners with Smiley Cookies as they finished!

The weekend went out with a bang at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Summer Reading Extravaganza! Team Smiley greeted around 6,000 people at the event and saw some incredible cookie designs come to life. Smiley got to see lots of fans and get a picture with his favorite dinosaur, Dippy. The Reading Extravaganza lived up to its name, as there was amazing live entertainment, puppet shows, a performer on stilts, and a bounce castle! There were tons of fans of all ages who were excited to enjoy a cookie and get a picture with their pal Smiley. 

While the weekend was jam-packed, I had a great time following my friend Smiley to all his exciting events!


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