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Monday, December 6, 2010

Eat'n Park Christmas Star Commercial - A Look Back

The Eat'n Park Christmas Star commercial has become a holiday classic, and we love it when our guests share their fond memories of the commercial with us.  This year, we decided to capture some of those sentiments on film.  Watch below as some of our guests and team members share what the commercial means to them.

And, of course, here's the original!

Can't get enough? Click here to see when the commercial will be airing on TV, and here to read the full story behind how this classic came to be.



Becky said...

My friends and I were talking about how much we love this commercial, and somebody brought up the old Christmas tree flip books we had when we were children. Does Eat'n Park still make those little flip books? They were magical!

Anonymous said...

i love eat and park my favorite thing are the salads and also the bar fron lori

Anonymous said...

Bring it back please..."The Star
Commercial". My late hubby and I
ALWAYS looked forward to the holidays
because we knew that "LITTLE STAR &
THE CHRISTMAS TREE" would appear.
A few months before my late husband
died...he told me to tape for the future. Little did we know that would
be his last Christmas with us. I did
tape it when a movie was on and still
Kim Yonkovich
Coraopolis, PA

Anonymous said...

It just wouldn't be the same without the tree and star commercial airing during the Christmas holiday. My 22 year old daughter and I run from whatever room we are in when we hear the music. There aren't many things on TV that make me smile, but the tree helping the star sure does. It's a feel good feeling - the big guy helping the little guy. We should all learn a lesson from this commercial. Helping one another is a good feeling! Thanks Eat'n Park!!! Michelle