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Monday, July 30, 2012

Team Smiley Experiences The Up Side of Downs

Team Smiley traveled to Independence, Ohio this weekend to demonstrate our support for The Up Side of Downs organization. As stated in the mission statement, their commitment to “building a community where people with Down syndrome have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential,” truly touched each team member and made this event one of our favorites of the summer! Hundreds of families gathered at Progressive Field to promote support, education, and advocacy for Downs syndrome.

We were proud to have been part of an inspiring movement, (which was not even deterred by the morning thunderstorm!) and to have been given the opportunity to share cookies and smiles with family members of all ages.

The event proved to be a success, with upbeat staff, guests, and teams showing their support for loved ones who have been diagnosed with Down syndrome. In addition, the popular event featured other sponsors of Down syndrome research, education, and advocacy, inflatable slides, a bumping DJ who kept the dance beats rolling throughout the entire Buddy Walk, and Smiley, who was a crowd favorite as always!

One of the most humbling moments of our weekend was seeing the strong family-like atmosphere. Furthermore, even Eat’n Park fans in Ohio recognized our tent and shared stories of their memories at their local Eat’n Park family restaurants! The Upside of Downs Buddy Walk proved to us that Eat’n Park does leave a lasting impression on everyone, and we truly are one big family. These moments made our weekend truly unforgettable.


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