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Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Olympics: Team Smiley-Style

On Friday, July 27th, the world watched as the 2012 Summer Olympic Games began. That same day, the event played out on a smaller, but no less exciting, scale in a small suburb of Pittsburgh. That day marked history’s first Team Smiley Olympic Games, an event sure to be carried on by future generations of this illustrious fraternity of Eat'n Park summer interns.

Smiley kicked off the Team Smiley Olympic Games as he carried the torch into the arena (a.k.a. our parking lot).

Intrigued? Of course you are! What would these smilethaletes (as in, smile athletes. Yes, we just made that up) compete in? Who would take home the gold? Read on to see whose performance captured the hearts of Smiley Nation.

The event lineup had the team testing the necessary Smiley-skills they had honed throughout the summer.

 Just look at the concentration on their faces! 

First up, the all-important skill of cookie decorating. Each athlete decorated two cookies. First, a standard Smiley, and second, a creative design of their own choosing.

Then, a friendly game of head-to head Smiley cornhole. Turns out, we’ve got a couple of sharpshooters on this team!

On to Cookie Cruiser parallel parking, a very important skill. Alas, this team made it look so easy that judging was based on who could do it in the shortest amount of time. Winning time: 18 seconds.

The speed events continued with timed temporary tattoo application. Who could apply a Smiley tattoo the fastest? When the dust settled, Sarah, Team Smiley’s coach and tattoo guinea pig, had a few battle scars to show for it.

Check out that (temporary) ink!

The final event of the day was another race; this one the equivalent of a marathon. The challenge: be the fastest to bag and box 12 dozen Smiley Cookies. The event would require stamina, dexterity, and focus. The race came down to the wire, and every athlete gave it their all.

At the end of the day, champions were crowned and the medal count was tallied. Who would take home the all-around gold?

Anthony dominated the medal stand, but it was clear that we had a team of champions on our hands.

And so the inaugural games concluded, and the athletes carried on, their achievements forever etched in Team Smiley history. Will their records ever be matched? We’ll just have to wait and see!


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