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Friday, July 1, 2011

Fans share fond memories in honor of Smiley's 25th birthday

In honor of Smiley's 25th birthday this summer, we asked our email club members to share their favorite Smiley memories. Here are a couple of the responses we received. Enjoy!

From Mary S. of Crystal River, FL:

"I know you are wondering what Smiley cookies have to do with Florida, so let me tell you our story. We moved to Florida in January of 1988 from Butler - obviously, we went to the Butler Eat'n Park at that time. Our oldest daughter was born in 1982 before Smiley was born, and our youngest daughter was born in 1987, just after Smiley came along. But our oldest daughter got to enjoy Smileys on each visit to the Butler Eat'n Park for the two years that Smiley was around. It was a real treat. Our youngest had not yet tasted her first Smiley because we moved to Florida.

Fast forward to today. Because my husband and I are Pittsburghers at heart, born and raised, on every trip back home, Smiley's were a must - not just for consuming during our visit, but also to bring home with us. If the whole family was not going to Pittsburgh, then the person travelling better not come home without the Smiley Cookies, or else!!! We have enjoyed them for years, and when we come back to Pittsburgh now, we stay with our nieces and get our Smileys at Bethel Park or Penn Hills.

For the Super Bowl in February 2011 against the Packers, the mini Steeler Black & Gold Smileys got shared with our church choir. One of our choir members is from Wisconsin, so she brought cheese curds to support her Packer team. The cheese curds were tasty, but cheese curds don't smile! Even though our team was unable to bring home #7 this year at least our Pittsburgh Smileys brought smiles to all of my choir friends. Basically, we love our Smileys and generations of our family and extended family hope to keep enjoying them for another fifty years. We'll either come get them up your way, or order them online. Personally, we love coming home to our roots and selecting our own Smileys.

So to all at Eat'n Park who create these wonderful memories, Keep on Smiling! Thanks to those wonderful Smiley cookies, we'll keep smiling! I'm sure #7 isn't far off. Go Black & Gold!!! We luv yinz guys!!"

From Cindy R. of Erie, PA:

"First off HAPPY 25th!!! It's hard to believe it's been that long. : )   My daughter who just turned 30 this year has loved the cookies from day one. Who of us hasn't snuck a bite of our kids cookie just to make sure they were ok for them to eat (wink wink - we just wanted a taste of our own when it came to the table). We have taken these cookies far and wide, on vacations and to celebrate graduations, including eating them after the March of Dimes walks (thanks again for the support) and other events."


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