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Friday, July 15, 2011

Announcing Mini Smiley Cookies - For Everyone!

They’re not just for kids anymore! Due to popular demand, what started as a special freebie for kids has now become a tasty treat not just for the young, but the young at heart. Sounds like a familiar story, right? Well it is – after all, that’s exactly what happened with our Original Smiley Cookie. We just couldn’t bear to withhold Smiley Cookies from fans of ALL ages. Everybody needs a smile!

We first introduced our Mini Smiley Cookies last year as an alternative for kids. Now, they’re available for ANYONE to purchase, at just $5.99 per dozen. Just about everything is cuter in mini-size, and Mini Smiley Cookies are no exception. These diminutive treats weigh in at less than 100 calories each – big taste, no guilt! These babies are perfect for birthday parties, an office snack, and of course, summer picnics.

Just like our originals, Mini Smileys can be customized in the colors of your choice, to suit any occasion. Your Little League team will be thrilled to chomp down on a couple dozen Minis in the team’s colors. Heading to a graduation party? Bring a dozen in your grad’s school colors. Just give our bakers a couple days notice, and they’ll have your special order ready to go – no additional charge! Click here to get the phone number for the Eat’n Park nearest you.

They’re mini cookies…guaranteed to create BIG smiles!


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