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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Send our Steelers Playoff Gift Packs (with Steelers Smiley Cookies) to fans in enemy territory - free shipping!

We're one home victory away from the big game, so here we go Steelers! We know that Steeler Nation extends far beyond Pittsburgh's city limits - that's why we're offering a couple special deals this week in our online store at SmileyCookie.com! 

You can send our Steelers Playoffs Gift Pack or our Rivalry Gift Pack to fans trapped in enemy territory, and we'll pick up the shipping cost.  That's right - FREE SHIPPING on these two items when you send them to New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut this week via FedEx Ground. Place your order today at SmileyCookie.com!

And if you're here in Pittsburgh, remember to swing by your local Eat'n Park to pick up a dozen Steelers Smiley Cookies for the game on Sunday.

Go Steelers!


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