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Friday, September 11, 2009

A Great Day for a Smiley Cookie

There’s nothing quite like getting back to your roots! On Saturday, August 29, Team Smiley stocked the Cookie Cruiser with a LOT of Smiley Cookies and hit the road for Titusville, Pa.

This small city in Northwest Pennsylvania is the childhood home of Eat’n Park’s Chairman of the Board, Jim Broadhurst, and also the birthplace of our Smiley Cookie. On this particular day, Titusville was celebrating the 150th anniversary of the discovery of oil in the city. We naturally wanted to join in the celebration!

We had the best spot in town, parked right in front of Warner’s Bakery…where it all began! When Jim was a boy, he would stop by Warner’s Bakery every day on the way home to enjoy a happy-faced sugar cookie. Jim loved the cookies so much that as an adult, he wanted to give kids visiting Eat’n Park the same feeling (click here to read Jim's story). It was great to meet the people of Titusville and to hear their stories and memories about Warner’s Bakery and those famous happy-faced cookies.

It was a wonderful day filled with fun, new friends and so many great memories. Click here to check out photos from the festivities. Below, Jim poses next to the story of the Smiley Cookie in one of our favorite photos of the day.


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