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Monday, September 14, 2009

Eat'n Park Takeout Coupon

Fall can sometimes bring about the chaos of adjusting to new schedules, especially when someone in your household is heading back to school. However, this time of year also brings us Eat'n Park's Fall Specials!
Just like the rest of our menu, our fall specials are available to go. That means that Eat'n Park is your one-stop-shop for meals to make the whole family happy. Our takeout is already a great value, but we'll sweeten the deal even more with this special coupon for our fans: $5 off your next $20 takeout order! Just click here to print the coupon.

This offer is good through September 30, 2009.
So, next time you're too busy to cook, call your local Eat'n Park to place your takeout order. Just click here to get the number and see the takeout menu. And to find out more about all of our delicious new specials, click here to read Chef Regis' blog. Share


Anonymous said...

Jeff Broadhurst..

I am Sandra Bettor's sister. I just wanted you to know that the last Christmas Holiday, I really missed the Eat'n Park Christmas Tree commercial. I know that many people I work with at Comcast also noticed that it was not on, and it seemed to be a "family tradition" to see it every Christmas. My sister, Sandy and I get Eat'N Park takeout every Friday, when I visit her in New Kensington at my mom's old house since she stays there till she sells the house. We love the Clam Chowder, and always order something else with it. We enjoy each other's company since she sometimes does not feel well with her Multiple Scerolosis. So we do enjoy the takeout. We will use this September coupon this weekend..Thanks for making Eat'N Park such a great place to dine, and I really do love your Smiley Website. Lynal (Bettor) Tolkacevic

Anonymous said...

I agree - it just doesn't seem like Christmas without the helpful
Christmas tree and that catch little melody.

It may be old - but it's good.

Eat'n Park said...

Thanks for the great compliments. We're glad to hear that seeing our commercial is such a holiday tradition. In fact, we did air the commercial all through December last year, and plan to air it again this year. Once we have the schedule of air dates, we'll be posting them here.

In the meantime, if you haven't already seen it, you can read the story of how the commercial came to be in our 2008 blog posting, "The Story of the Eat'n Park Christmas Star Commercial." Enjoy!

Jessia Burkey said...

Thank you for keeping this holiday tradition alive. There has been one constant in the last 26 years with the holidays for me and that's seeing the Christmas Star commercial. I'm 39 years old and the first time I see it every season, I still get excited. Last year, I was visiting my parents and my mother began yelling that the commercial was on the television. At the same time, I went running into the living room. Silly, I know. I cry every time, when the star collapses and the tree bends to pick him up. I'm sentimental, by I love that part of my childhood has lived on, even with all the things that have happened in the world over the last 26 years.
- Thank you so much.

Jessica Burkey
Mt. Lebanon, PA

Jessica Burkey
Mt. Lebanon, PA