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Monday, March 21, 2022

QUIZ: Which Spring Trip Should You Take Based on Your Whale Meal?

Spring is here, which means it’s time to get out and about (finally!). Thinking about taking a day trip sometime soon? We can help you discover the best destination for you based on your Eat’n Park Whale Meal.  

First things first, what are you drinking? 
A) Water 
B) Fresh-brewed iced tea 
C) Coffee 
D) Pop/Soda 

Appetizers to start? 
A) Chips 
B) Southwest Chicken Quesadilla 
C) Pretzel Sticks 
D) Fried Cheese Sticks 

Pick a soup! 
A) Chicken Noodle 
B) Chili 
C) Potato Soup 
D) Wedding Soup 

Which Whale are you enjoying? 
A) Whale of Cod 
B) Whale and Mac 
C) Whale of a Cod Sandwich 
D) Fisherman’s Platter 

What’s for dessert? 
A) Apple Pie 
B) Pistachio Pie 
C) Cherry Pie 
D) Cookies & Crème Pie 

Mostly A’s: Hershey, PA 
You are a creature of habit and like to frequent tried-and-true foods and venues, which makes Hershey, PA the perfect day trip for you! Just like Hershey’s chocolate has been a special treat for years, so has this delightful town. There’s Hershey Chocolate World, Hershey Park, The Spa at The Hotel Hershey, the Hershey Story Museum, and more!  

Mostly B’s: Athens, OH 
You like to live on the wild side, so head a little Southwest of the border and visit Athens, OH! Home to Ohio University, Athens is a classic college town with plenty to do, including tasting vino at Pleasant Hill Winery, visiting O’Betty’s Hot Dog Museum, or Strouds Run State Park. This unexpected destination offers a lot of random things to do, which is totally in your wheelhouse!  

Mostly C’s: Deep Creek Lake - MD 
You’re an adventure seeker that loves the great outdoors, which makes Deep Creek a great destination for you! Lots of springtime activities await you, including camping in Deep Creek Lake State Park, visiting the nearby town of Garrett for lunch and antiquing, or just hanging out and enjoying the lake views over a cup of coffee---and maybe some Eat’n Park pie you brought with you! 

Mostly D’s: Washington, D.C.  
You like to go all out and do not believe in the mantra “less is more,” which makes Washington, D.C. your ideal destination! Take in the sights of the nation’s capital, bask in the charming display of spring cherry blossoms, and visit the many museums. There’s always something to do in D.C. for someone who loves a platter of options.


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