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Monday, March 14, 2022

How Our Whale of a Cod is Made

One question we frequently get at Eat’n Park is just how is Whale of a Cod made?  

Well, it all starts at the tip of the Golden Triangle in Pittsburgh, where Monongahela, Ohio, and Allegheny rivers converge. Delicious cod washes up on the shores there. Then, a group of yinzer farmers picks the cod, wraps them in Terrible Towels to give them their golden color, and then places them in the Hays Bald Eagle nest until they’re ready to be sent to our restaurants.  

Once they arrive at Eat’n Park, team members carefully hand-bread the cod in panko breadcrumbs, and the Whale is then included in different dishes for guests to enjoy, like the Whale of a Cod, Whale of a Cod Sandwich, Whale & Mac, and Fisherman’s Platter.  

Now you know the long, strenuous journey of how a Whale of a Cod ends up on your plate or in your to-go box! Bet you never knew!


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