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Monday, March 28, 2022

How many Whales does it take?

Did you know the average Whale of a Cod is around 8 inches in length? That’s a lot of cod! If you measure Pittsburgh landmarks by this Whale-of-a metric, here’s how they stack up: 

  • U.S. Steel Tower (Downtown Pittsburgh) – 1,260 Whale of a Cod in height 
  • Point State Park Fountain – 225 Whale of a Cod high 
  • Steel Curtain roller coaster peak – 330 Whale of a Cod high 
  • Observatory Hill (the highest point in Pittsburgh) – 1,834.5 Whale of a Cod 
  • Cathedral of Learning – 802 Whale of a Cod 
  • USS Requin Submarine (docked at Carnegie Science Center) – 466 Whale of a Cods in length 
  • The Majestic ship (part of the Gateway Clipper Fleet) – 340 Whale of a Cods in length 
  • Sidney Crosby – 9 Whale of a Cods high 

Let’s get rid of the metric system and work on the cod system. Something everyone can agree on!


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