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Monday, July 8, 2024

Evolution of Eat’n Park Takeout

While takeout might seem like modern conveniences, it’s something Eat’n Park has been doing since day one in 1949 when we were a carhop!

Guests would order their food from our first location at Saw Mill Run Boulevard in the South Hills, and our servers would bring it out to their cars.

Since then, Eat’n Park takeout has evolved. In the early 2000s, we introduced Pickup Windows to our Eat’n Park locations and today we have more than 50 windows as an added convenience for both guests and team members.

We’ve also streamlined takeout with mobile ordering. While you can still call your local Eat’n Park to place an order to go, you can also use our mobile app and select one of three options: our Pickup Window (most locations), lobby shelf, or curbside pickup.

Yep, 75 years later, we’re still bringing out food to people’s cars! While our takeout has evolved, in many ways, it harkens back to our carhop roots.

In addition to being a dine-in destination, we love being a takeout location for families on the go!


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