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Friday, March 15, 2024

All the Green Treats to Enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day

You’ve heard of wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, but what about eating green? Look no further than Eat’n Park to help you fulfill this holiday goal. We have all the green treats to make your friends green with envy! 

Shamrock Smiley Cookies 

These cookies are hand-decorated in green icing and topped with our iconic Smile. 

St. Paddy’s Shake 

Available for a limited time only, this festive shake features mint syrup blended with vanilla ice cream! 

Pistachio Crème Pie 

Enjoy a slice of our nutty and sweet Pistachio Crème Pie or take the whole pie to go!   

Our Salads! 

Okay, so maybe you can enjoy our salads on days other than St. Patrick’s Day, but if there’s a day to fill up on mixed greens, it would be this one! Try our Chicken Bruschetta Salad, which comes with mixed greens topped with herb-crusted baked chicken breast, homemade bruschetta and balsamic glaze, cucumbers, and mozzarella and Asiago cheese.


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