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Monday, October 9, 2023

Bananas Foster Breakfast & More Banana Dishes You’ll Love a Bunch!

We’re bananas for...well, bananas! Try these banana dishes during your next Eat’n Park visit, including our Bananas Foster breakfast meals on the Eat’n Park breakfast menu! 

Bananas Foster French Toast 

Two slices of Texas-cut French toast topped with bananas and warm Bananas Foster syrup. Feeling like a hungry monkey? Order our Bananas Foster French Toast with three slices!  

bananas foster french toast

Bananas Foster Waffle 

Our homemade Belgian waffle topped with freshly sliced bananas, warm Bananas Foster syrup, and whipped topping. Pair it with a warm cup of our Signature Coffee for a full, delicious breakfast! 

bananas foster waffle eat'n park

Bananas Foster Pancakes 

Fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with freshly sliced bananas, warm Bananas Foster syrup, and whipped topping. Order a side of sausage or bacon and a glass of orange juice to add some protein and Vitamin C to your breakfast! 

bananas foster pancakes

Not on the Eat’n Park Breakfast Menu, but Still Ap-PEEL-ing! 

Bananas Foster Milkshake 

Creamy vanilla ice cream blended with banana, our buttery Bananas Foster syrup, and topped with whipped cream. Enjoy the flavors from our Eat’n Park breakfast menu dishes, but for dessert! 

Banana Crème Pie 

Creamy banana filling and fresh bananas in a graham cracker crust with whipped topping. This dessert gives us all the peels every time we dive into a slice!  

What’s your favorite banana dish on the menu? Try them all! Place an order when you dine in or take your Eat’n Park meal to go when you order online or on our app for pickup at our lobby shelves, or at select locations, curbside pickup or our Pickup Window!  


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