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Friday, July 15, 2022

Smiles, Sea Lions, and Dancing… Oh My!

What’s up, everyone! Maria here with another update on what Smiley has been up to this past weekend!

Smiley was super excited to be part of the grand opening of Latrobe Eat’n Park’s brand-new Pickup Window! He had the opportunity to serve their very first customer, retired Eat’n Park CEO Jim Broadhurst and his wife Suzy, and leaped for joy at the successful day. 

On Saturday, Smiley hung out at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium to pass along Smiles and Smiley Cookies to everyone there and hang out with all the animals. He had a blast seeing his favorite animal, Smiley the Sea Lion, and taking pictures with all the guests. 

And finally, on Sunday Smiley visited the Bethel Park Eat’nPark location on Library Road and had an absolute blast! He met Ed the baker, who has worked at Eat’n Park for over 25 years, and showed off some pretty cool moves to all the guests.  

Overall, Smiley would say that this weekend was a success and is already anticipating fun in the weeks to come! 


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