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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

VOTE NOW: Eat'n Park Love Stories

Last week, we asked for your Eat’n Park love stories…and wow, what an incredible response! We LOVED hearing about all of your LOVE! This week, we need YOUR HELP to pick a winner from our five finalists! One lucky winner will walk away with an epic prize – One Eat’n Park date every month for a year! Our four runners-up will also receive a $100 gift card for their story. 

To vote, head to our Facebook page and like the photo of the story that is your favorite by NOON on Friday, February 12. The story with the most likes on their photo will be our winner!  

Our Eat'n Park Love Story Finalists

“Here is our love story...When I was 16 I got my first job at Eat’n Park in Irwin, PA. I worked on the buffet and my husband was a dishwasher. We spent many shifts together and were a great team then. Later on, I became a waitress at the restaurant and my husband was then a cook...and we were still a great team! We ended up getting married and taking our wedding photos at the same restaurant! Fast forward 10 years later and now we take our 3 kids there regularly (and now getting takeout!). It's so fun to reminisce about our "good old days" working together and how much fun we had at our first jobs. We love seeing old coworkers when we stop by for our dinner and introducing them to our kids. Maybe someday we'll be taking our grandkids to Eat’n Park and sharing our love story with them! Thank you Eat’n Park for being a part of our lives!” – Amanda M. 

Photo credit: Jen McKen Photography Inc) 

“My daughter and I have a standing date at the Natrona Heights Eat'n Park every Saturday morning for breakfast. We started going when she was around 3 years old, and she will be turning 8 this April. We sit at the counter as long as there are seats available. Before Covid, it was a great sight to see this little 5-year-old girl sitting at the counter with all of the older "regulars" for breakfast. We both greatly look forward to our "Daddy/Daughter" days at Eat'n Park” – Josh H. 

“Me and my boyfriend went on our first date at the Chippewa Eat’n Park. I knew he was the one when we both ordered the same thing – Chicken Finger Salad Bar Dinner Deal with fries. At that point, I had been working for Eat’n Park for about a year and wanted to do something special to ask him out officially. So, me and a couple coworkers hit the bakery and got to work. Next time he came to visit me at work, I presented him with a dozen Smiley Cookies that read “Boyfriend?” With smiley cookies that looked like us (kinda) on either end.” – Seth K  

“5 years ago (our anniversary was last week!) my hubby and I went Eat’n Park on our first date. First, he took me to a fancy restaurant "to treat me like a princess”, the to Eat’n Park for milkshakes and coffee and hours of conversation (to make me feel like his best friend). It's still one of the most romantic experiences of my life. Eat’n Park is a staple in our house now from date night to takeout soup for sick days in. Even our most recent "date" was to pick up Eat’n Park for lunch and a bonus quart of soup for dinner after getting Covid tested! Loving contactless pick up!” – Jennie K. 

“Back in the early 1970s when Eat'n Park's had carhops, we were high school sweethearts but never really planned to get married until after college in 1974. My best friend kept telling me that he told her he was going to propose to me at midnight, New Years Eve 1971, so that was what I was expecting. Stopped at the Homestead ENP a few days before and he said he had to use the restroom and went inside the restaurant while I stayed in the car and placed our order. Unbeknownst to me, he really went in to see his next-door neighbor that worked there. He gave her my ring and asked her to put it in my French fries for me to find. However, it was dark outside and I never saw the ring. I ended up biting down on it, broke a tooth and swallowed it. Did manage not to swallow the ring. Still together 48 years later, wearing that same ring.” – Kathy K. 


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