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Friday, July 21, 2017

Saint Sebastian Parish Festival

Hi, Smiley friends - Emmie here! This past weekend, Team Smiley attended the Saint Sebastian Parish Festival and we were blown away! Saint Sebastian had the coolest rides and games for all to enjoy. Our cookie station stayed busy throughout the entire night. All of Smiley’s friends, big and small, gathered for some sweet treats and laughs.

Smiley’s favorite part of the night was the photo booth. Check out his close-ups- he’s a very photogenic cookie!

Smiley was a huge hit amongst his fans of all ages. He got to explore the whole festival but unfortunately, Smiley Cookies were not allowed on any of the rides.  Smiley also got the chance to meet one of his newest fans- Father Mike Z., the new residing priest at Saint Sebastian. Father Mike loved hanging out with Smiley and decorated quite a few cookies of his own.

Overall, this parish festival was a blast! We’re already looking forward to attending next year. 

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We hope to see you soon! :)


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