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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Order Your Holiday Pies Today!

This holiday season, there's an easy way to cut out a lot of stress - let us do all of your baking! We have all of your favorites including Smiley Cookies, Fruit Pies and Crème Pies!

You can also order homemade breads, rolls, buns, and biscuits. Do any of your guests have Celiac disease? Pick up a half-dozen of our gluten-free buns!

Whatever you need to complete your holiday meal, you can find it at Eat'n Park. And don't forget that our delicious Pumpkin Pie is on sale during the month of November for just $7.99 for a whole pie!

Or try our new Pumpkin Créme Pie - it's a delicious twist on a holiday favorite!

Click here to download our bakery order form.
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