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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our Famous Strawberry Pie: Celebrating 60 Years!

It's hard to believe we've been serving up Strawberry Pie for 60 years!

I’m Bill Moore - the Director of Safety and Security at Eat’n Park. I have a lot of great memories of Eat’n Park. My grandfather, Larry Hatch, founded Eat'n Park in 1949, so, as you may imagine, this company is an important part of my family’s history.

I started with the company in 1979 as a dishwasher, and I soon met a waitress who turned out to be the girl of my dreams. I married her 10 years later. My brother in-law met his wife while working at Eat'n Park, too. My wife's parents met at the Bridgeville Eat'n Park as teenagers. In the last 60 years, more than 22 members of my family have worked for Eat'n Park. In 2008, my son Ryan became the 4th generation of our family to work for the company.

I take great pride in my family’s history with Eat'n Park, but one of the greatest contributions my family has given Eat'n Park is the Strawberry Pie. My mother came up with the recipe in our kitchen at home. My father, Bob Moore, tested many types of strawberry glazes that were, in his words, "god-awful." He came home and asked my mom, Claire, if she could do better, and boy, did she ever! She made several pies and submitted them to our neighbors in Scott Township. When the comments came back - “too sweet,” “too tart,” etc., Mom hung in there to perfect the recipe. After quite a few rounds and many taste tests later, the neighbors finally all agreed that she had produced a delicious pie. I guess our guests agree, too. It’s become a favorite of so many people.

Bill and his Mom, Claire,
with the now-famous Strawberry Pie.
A little known fact about our Strawberry Pie is that Eat'n Park was one of the first places ever to receive fresh strawberries (or any other produce for that matter) by air freight. In 1962, Eat'n Park served fresh Strawberry Pie throughout the winter, with strawberries shipped from Plant City, Florida. At the time, this was unheard of. Another little known fact is that I make the best Strawberry Pie in the company. It must be in my genes!

Bill Moore
Director of Safety & Security


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