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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Team Smiley Visits New Kensington Community Days

Hi Friends! It’s Smiley again and I am so excited to tell you about all the fun I had two weekends ago! On Saturday, the crew and I went to the St. Therese Parish Festival in Munhall. I loved listening to the band, and meeting new people! On Sunday, we went to the New Kensington Community Days where I participated in some really cool activities.

When we arrived in New Kensington, we set up the Cookie Cruiser next to all the food booths, and boy did they smell delicious.  There were so many good options, that I just couldn’t decide what smelled the best! (Next to the Smiley cookies of course!)  I walked around the park where I visited the vendor booths, and met tons of community members, including my new friend, Dr. Bear. He was so nice and funny, and I loved meeting him!

My new friend, Dr. Bear

After hanging out with Dr. Bear, I felt inspired, so I decided to help support the New Ken EMT’s and learn CPR!  I stopped by their booth and watched an instructional video and then practiced chest compressions on a “dummy doll.”  I did so well that I earned my certificate of completion. I am now emergency ready! 

CPR training
After completing CPR training, I headed straight for the dance floor. The band at the park was awesome and they played some of my favorite songs! I had so much fun dancing and rockin’ out on the air guitar that I was one happy cookie!

Showing off my dance moves


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