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Monday, February 11, 2013

Take A Break – For Breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why we recommend you take a break to try our new breakfast specials! They are sure to please your palate!

Kielbasa Breakfast Stack
This new breakfast item is everything you could ask for in one dish. We start off with a layer of homefries. Then we add grilled onions, green peppers and sliced kielbasa.  Finally, we top it off with two over-easy eggs and cheddar cheese. Throw in your choice of toast and the odds are stacked that this will be a new breakfast favorite!

Breakfast Club
This is the perfect spicy sandwich to jumpstart your day. We start by scrambling an egg that is seasoned with a touch of ground chipotle chili pepper. Then we serve it on grilled sourdough bread with thinly-sliced Parma Capicola, farm-fresh tomatoes, and Pepper Jack cheese. It’s love at first bite! And it’s served with your choice of fresh-cut fruit or breakfast potato. Want to make it healthier? Ask for egg whites only and six grain bread!  Now that’s what we call a breakfast sandwich!


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Anonymous said...

I always wished Eat-N-Park would add GRITS to their menu!! I love, love, love a waffle, sausage patties, and GRITS for a breakfast feast!! AND...how about sausage gravy and biscuits!! That's a yummy choice as well...with GRITS, of course!