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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Merry Berry Specials at Eat'n Park

It’s the Merry Berry Month, the Merry Berry Month, the Merry Berry Month of Maaaaaayyyyyy! If you recognize that old jingle, you might want to check out our vintage Merry Berry commercial here. It’s a classic!

Speaking of classics, let’s get right to the point: It’s May, and that means our famous Strawberry Pie is now available! It’s only $8.99 for a whole pie this month! Pie isn’t the only place we’re featuring red, ripe strawberries this month. Check out some of our other Merry Berry specials:

Chocolate Strawberry Pancakes
Chocolate. Strawberries. More chocolate. What more could you ask for? Two fluffy Chocolate Chip Pancakes are piled high with freshly-sliced strawberries, then finished with whipped cream and even MORE chocolate chips. Served with your choice of sausage, turkey sausage, or bacon. $5.99

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast
Decadent deliciousness. Two slices of Texas-cut French toast stuffed with sweet cream cheese and warm strawberry filling. Served with your choice of three pieces of crispy bacon, sausage, or turkey sausage. $5.99

Grilled Chicken and Strawberry Salad
It’s back! This spring classic never disappoints. Julienne slices of tender chicken breast, grilled and served on a bed of crisp mixed greens and tender spinach. Topped with sliced fresh strawberries, sliced almonds, and our warm poppy and sesame seed dressing. Served with fresh-baked seasonal bread. $7.99

Classic Fruit Salad
Another perennial favorite returns! This makes the perfect lunch when you’re looking for something light. A sweet and juicy medley of six of the season's finest fruits with a scoop of sherbet or cottage cheese and our exclusive creamy dipping sauce. Served with fresh-baked seasonal bread. $7.99



Anonymous said...

I love EatnPark and eat there frequently. I also use and love the coupons you put out but I tried to search for one to use this week and there was the one for a free slice of pie or $2 off a whole pie. I noticed that there are a lot of coupons on the site when you click on coupons but they are expired why are they still on the website when they are long expired. I would appreciate an answer ASAP. Thank you.
Doris J Clark

Eat'n Park said...

Hi Doris! The coupons that are on our website are located on our blog, so once they are expired we do not take them down since our blog is a continuous running stream of posts. To limited confusion and get all of the latest coupons right to your inbox, we recommend signing up for Smiley's Email Club or downloading our Eat'n Park Mobile App.