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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Partner Spotlight of the Month: Junior Achievement

Every month here on our blog, we'll be highlighting one of our non-profit partnerships.  This month, we'll tell you a little more about Junior Achievement, a long-time partner of ours.

Since 1990, Eat’n Park has been partnering with Junior Achievement to support educational programming in our local neighborhoods. A great partnership that has withstood the test of time, we are looking forward to another great season of fundraising for JA!

Junior Achievement aims to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in an ever-changing global economy. Hundreds of thousands of students in grades K-12 will go through the JA program in both public and private schools. Chances are that you or your kids may have gone through these programs without even knowing it!

Corporate and community volunteers partner with the local teachers to create memorable lessons that will provide the knowledge and skills students need for future economic success. Local companies and businesses also financially support the programs believing that JA’s impact is measurable in the students’ future endeavors.

Every year, hundreds of Eat’n Park team members come together for Junior Achievement Bowl-a-thons in our regions. Not only do our employees have a great time with each other, but they are raising money for a cause that lives in their communities. We also support other local JA events by donating gift cards, Smiley Cookies, and other goods to encourage successful fundraising to continue providing these worthwhile programs.
Eat'n Park team members raising money through a JA Bowl-a-thon

If you would like to know more about what Junior Achievement does and how they combine financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship or would like to learn how to get involved and volunteer, visit http://www.ja.org/.

We look forward to helping JA provide many more years of life-changing education that will prepare local students for maximum success!


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